It’s time for an original song!

This was the second song we wrote together as a group and we really hope you enjoy it – it’s definitely one of our favourites!

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Lyrics by Kristine Botha.
Music by Sasha Taylor with Kristine Botha and Jessica Kent

(C) 2015 A Minor Production

Trying to pin you down is like catching smoke between my fingertips
Finding out what you’re about is a story that I can’t finish
To guess what you’re thinking is to stay oblivious
You’re an ever-changing ocean of endless secrets
Making a mess of me.

All I know is we’re infallible, unchangeable, set in stone
The only constant in the chaos
When everything is up in the air you’re there and I swear
They say it’s gonna fade out but it won’t
We know something they don’t

I don’t quite know myself as well as I’d like to
Need to figure out what I want or what I’m trying to prove
Can’t define who I am and who I wanna be
I’m lost and wide-eyed, waiting, wanting
Hoping you can set me free


And if all I ever thought I knew
About hopeless me and thoughtless you
Is wrong, or changing or different
It’s not the truth ‘cause