Hailing from a family of musicians, 18-year old Ewan Mazzei has used the opportunity to gain skills and hone his own talent in order to develop his personal sound and style.

Meet Ewan Mazzei – a guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Mazzei, who resides in Norwich, England, is currently working on his first album “Stuck in Limbo”.

“I hope [people] will feel like the album is almost like a story. I’m hoping it will grip people, and I hope it’s appreciated,” says Mazzei of his project. He has already released one of the tracks from the album, In The Dark, which you can listen to below.

In The Dark – Ewan Mazzei

His songwriting process starts with the music – “ I usually come up with a guitar melody first, then get some lyrics down. A lot of the time, my songs are written in a time where something is happening, whether it be positive or negative.”

Stuck in Limbo will be a collection of tracks including heartbreak tunes and love songs, with a mood tending toward the bleak.

“I would say the current album I’m working on (my first album) is probably based on a more negative side of things. I do seem to get a lot of joy from writing about teenage soppy stuff. But the end product never comes out ‘soppy’”. Over the past few years, Mazzei has been uploading covers and originals to his Facebook profile. Check out his recent upload, Did You Hear My Heart below.

Did You Hear My Heart – Ewan Mazzei

Although his music tastes encompass multiple styles, from Muse to 30 Seconds to Mars, his biggest musical influence is probably Ed Sheeran, saying “It’s almost impossible to not be inspired by such an amazing musician – especially when you own a little baby guitar just like he does.”

Watch his cover Ed Sheeran’s You Need Me I Don’t Need You below (and don’t miss the mash-up at the end!):

You Need Me I Don’t Need You – Ed Sheeran Cover

Not just a studio musician, Mazzei also enjoys performing live. He takes a ‘fake it ‘til you make it“ approach to onstage confidence and admits although he can get anxious, he tries to do his best and puts on a brave face on stage. “But I feel like with more confidence I could thrive so much more,” he says.

Mazzei’s album “Stuck In Limbo” will be released later this year

Look out for Ewan Mazzei and his album Stuck in Limbo, which will be available online later this year!

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